Fall into Music Lessons and French Tutoring!

Register for online music lessons and/or French tutoring and add something both fun and educational to your schedule this fall!

Whether you’re using the new school year to start a new hobby, or whether you want the kids to develop their musical talents, continue their musical studies, or improve in their French fluency, the start of a new academic year is the perfect time to enroll in music or French lessons!

Plus, the online format allows you to do your lessons from wherever you have access to your instrument, and you don’t have to brave the changing weather or sit in traffic to make it to class!

Register for online lessons in Piano, Voice, Worship Coaching, Songwriting, or French Tutoring.

We offer high-quality lessons for all ages and levels.

Just click below and you’ll be on your way to your new musical, worship training, or French learning!

Find out more about the Léna Gauthier Christian Music Academy and The Worship Training Centre!

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