Worship Training


Welcome to the Worship Training Centre!

The Worship Training Centre (WTC) is a division of the Léna Gauthier Christian Music Academy (LGCMA) which is dedicated to equipping churches, ministries, and worship teams in the area of worship ministry by providing seminars, workshops, hands-on musical and ministry training, and customized follow-up programs in order to build, strengthen, improve, and raise up excellent, qualified, inspired, and effective worshipers in the local churches.

The Worship Training Centre’s various programs and classes are offered online and in your church, to your ministry leaders and volunteers, in your setting, so that whatever is needed in your church’s worship ministry can be accurately assessed and provided. Those serving in the area of worship in your church will appreciate and benefit better from a training program customized to their specific needs and challenges that can be easily applied and implemented in your church.

We believe that Jesus made it very clear in John 4 that God the Father is seeking those who will worship Him truthfully, wholeheartedly, and with integrity. It is with this in mind that we approach everything we do for your church. We are passionate about raising up and equipping all those who serve in worship ministry with sound doctrine, excellent musical skills, and a heart devoted to God “Because the Father is seeking True Worshipers”.

To book a workshop/seminar, or to get more information: contact us HERE.

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